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10 votes

What does Menzoberranzan look like?

24 votes

Is Matt Mercer's homebrew setting of Exandria now considered an official setting, as of the release of the "Explorer's Guide to Wildemount"?

9 votes

Does moving by means of a bonus action provoke opportunity attacks?

3 votes

How can I give my Iron Man Artificer build sustained flight without wings?

0 votes

What's the best way to resolve a paradox created when a mage shapeshifted into a larger creature enters an antimagic field, but its true form doesn't?

4 votes

How can I get the DM to stop sending giants to kill us?

-2 votes

What would happen if I were to use a Ring of Water Walking on a raging sea with very large waves?

8 votes

Can a spellbook contain cantrips?

0 votes

How do I handle players simply un-hiding and re-hiding after a poor Stealth roll?

1 vote

Can you recover (any) ball bearings after using them?

2 votes

Can Thorn Whip be used to hang an enemy in combat?

3 votes

What kind of tools would be used to carve bone?

2 votes

How can I make a freezer?