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57 votes

My PCs have a plan that will get them all killed; how and why should I save them?

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"Punishing" characters for stupid actions

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Are the A), B), C) starting equipment choices exclusive or multiple choice?

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How do I deal with two players who dislike each other and disrupt the game?

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How to get out of a story deadlock

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Hx with a PC deliberately taking harm from another PC in Apocalypse World

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Is there a limit to Rule 0?

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Does a shield protect the PC, even if it's not hit?

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How to help players who roll really badly?

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How do I telegraph to players that the fortress is alert because they let the guards escape?

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Can a cat familiar open a potion bottle by itself?

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What happens if a character has more than one gang?

-5 votes

What can I do when I accidentally gave out an overpowered item?