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Can the spell Bestow Curse change a creature's race?
0 votes

Adding on to Allan Mills answer with a clarification a bit long to be a comment: I believe what I've gleaned as the essence of their answer is correct "the power to change a creature's race is far ...

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Do scimitars and rapiers count as swords for the magic items in the 5E DMG?
23 votes

5e does not specify specific weapon categories beyond the name of the weapon. One could say that each different name is a different weapon type, but that would mean that shortswords were a different ...

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What is a cantrip and what page are they on?
1 votes

If you look in the PhB in the spells chapter (ch 11) it will list all the spells (including cantrips) that your class can learn. Cantrips are just spells you can cast at will and not have to worry ...

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Can Sildar and this character recognize each other in Lost Mine of Phandelver?
7 votes

Since the Lost Mines of Phandelver book does not specify this, it is your decision to make. That aside, I would reccomend Sildar recognizing this person because

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