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Does the Skirmish class feat substitute Sneak Attack for the purpose of prerequisites?
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9 votes

After looking through Complete Scoundrel, I found something that specifically states that Skirmish does not count as Sneak Attack for feat prerequisites: Complete Scoundrel p.71/72 Although the ...

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Does the Factotum's Cunning Brilliance allow for more prestige class levels than intended?
Accepted answer
7 votes

No, because prestige classes are not eligible Standard character class is no defined term, while the DMG (p.176) defines the 11 classes described in the PHB as Base Classes. Although a case could be ...

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What variant rules are there on "overstacking" base saves for multiclass characters?
4 votes

Here's a solution I've cooked up in the meantime. I'll use the fractional base bonuses rule from Unearthed Arcana p.73 with one alteration. Instead of adding a +2.5 bonus to at least one base saves ...

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How to defend from Mind Flayer's psionic blast
3 votes

Spell immunity protects you from one spell or spell-like ability of level 4th or lower (Mind-Blast is the equivalent of a level 4 spell). You must define that spell upon casting. This would make you ...

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Do you need to cast spells every day you are working on a construct?
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RAW spells do not have to be cast every day while creating a construct In Creating Magic Items it is specifically statet that spells have to be cast every day. Here is an example for armors: The ...

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