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11 votes

Are Gundren Rockseeker and his brothers Mountain Dwarves or Hill Dwarves in the Lost Mine of Phandelver adventure?

8 votes

When granted advantage on an attack, are spells that cause saving throws rolled with disadvantage?

5 votes

Does a Druid in Wild Shape add their own Proficiency Bonus to the physical attribute of the Beast for Skills?

4 votes

What is Crawl Speed?

3 votes

How can I keep a player from "shutting down" after a streak of bad rolls?

3 votes

Can I use the Booming Blade/Green-Flame Blade cantrips from hiding and still have advantage (for Sneak Attacks)?

2 votes

Do I get advantage if attacking from behind?

1 vote

When does an "on their next turn" spell cast as a reaction take effect?

1 vote

Does the targeting rule for Telekinesis contradict general spellcasting targeting rules?

1 vote

If a Beast Master ranger's animal companion has the Awaken spell cast on it, does the ranger still need to spend an action to command it to attack?

-1 votes

Globe of invulnerability vs non-magical effects of spells

-2 votes

Interaction of Invoke Duplicity and Misty Step