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Is 5e character advancement commutative across multiclassing?

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Does the spell Swift Quiver RAW only apply to bows/arrows?

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Are the arrows from Swift Quiver usable for normal attacks, too?

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What are strategies to roleplay through a saving throw my GM must make?

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What happens if you feed a potion to a dead (not unconscious) creature?

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How does Malleable Illusion interact with an illusory object made real by Illusory Reality?

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How much time would it take for a PC to train NPCs to get class features?

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Can the Shield spell be used against Shocking Grasp?

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Does the Wild Magic Sorcerer's surge casting of Fireball affect the Sorcerer as well?

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Can I choose which damage type my Sneak Attack does if my weapon does multiple types?

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Does a cockatrice actually need to land a bite for the initial DC 11 Con saving throw?

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In which situations would the ability to prevent creature healing be most useful?

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How to deal with a player's self-interested player character

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How much XP does a monster created by Animate Objects add to an encounter?