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43 votes

Player does crazy elaborate things, without the GM knowing where it will lead

36 votes

Which spells benefit most from upcasting?

21 votes

How do I encourage players to use items and strategy in combat, instead of just standing there and saying "I attack"?

18 votes

If a character naturally lost an eye and a hand, would he be able to attune to Vecna's appendages?

15 votes

Is what my DM did impacting player agency in a negative way?

10 votes

3rd level Thief's damage

9 votes

Homebrew Monk "Way of the Dog" Review request

8 votes

Deity Suggestions

3 votes

How to deal with an enthusiastic new player who's interrupting others? aka, How to gently teach "improv etiquette"?

3 votes

Grappling and disarming - when and why (or why not)?

3 votes

Does the Darkness spell cast a shadow?

2 votes

What are the balance considerations of changing thunder to poison damage in "elemental X" spells?

2 votes

Pulp campaign - end game?

0 votes

Is this Visions of Danger spell balanced for level 7?

-5 votes

What constitute as mechanics as opposed to lore information when it comes to races?