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17 votes

What is the reasoning behind having sorcerers' and warlocks' spells rely on charisma?

12 votes

If a Wild Magic Sorcerer reverts to a young teen age as a result of a Wild Magic Surge, does it affect their ability scores?

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Can a druid remain in animal form indefinitely?

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How can I arrange my game to facilitate the play of a nonverbal person?

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Who is the elf/half-elf woman on the cover of "A Grand Tour of the Realms"?

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Where can I find rules for creating pocket dimensions?

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What are the benefits of playing an Invoker?

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Are there proficiencies for Goldsmithing and creating Jewelry?

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Which book contains information on making monsters player-usable?

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Can the 5 years of aging caused by casting the wish spell be avoided or reversed?

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How can I balance gradual character advancement for new players vs. trying to keep the PCs at a similar level?

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GM is allergic to criticism; what to do?