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59 votes

Should my "average" PC be able to discern the potential of encountering a gelatinous cube from subtle clues?

56 votes

How does combat start when one PC is not seen as a threat?

37 votes

How can I effectively map a multi-level dungeon?

33 votes

Is there a way to ask in game (i.e. in a non-meta way) what a character's class is?

13 votes

Should breaking down something like a door be adjudicated as an attempt to beat its AC and HP, or as an ability check against a set DC?

8 votes

How can I model the mechanics of an army battlefield scene?

7 votes

How do I keep my players from investing too much time in their doomed characters?

6 votes

Would this house rule make sources of light useable in combat without taking away from how other usable combat items work?

5 votes

How can a party move 10,000 pounds of gold?

4 votes

How can I make my Sith Lord Boss fight have multiple enemies?

3 votes

How can I encourage (and help) players to play, and roleplay, clerics?

3 votes

How can my rogue act like a thief when everyone knows everyone?

2 votes

What are the advantages of using the Intimidate skill over using the Diplomacy skill for the same purpose?

1 vote

Should players see maps of locations they are in?

1 vote

How can I fairly adjudicate the effects of height differences on ranged attacks?

-1 votes

Turning checks and desecrate spell