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28 votes

Does limiting Sneak Attack to the Dexterity choice on Finesse Weapons imbalance anything?

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Do I need to hold an actual copper piece in order to cast the Detect Thoughts spell?

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Does using Sharpshooter really remove Advantage?

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How can I help my players not to feel useless in situations their characters are not optimally designed for?

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LMoP: Smelter Cavern confusion - Spoilers!

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Can non-preventable damage be circumvented by Relentless Endurance?

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How can I balance encounters with a party consisting of a sorcerer, monk, rogue, and fighter?

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How can I use a polearm with Reach as a Monk/Kensei weapon?

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How do I keep a party together without railroading?

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Need out-of-game solution for spell choice paralysis

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Can you Subtle Spell Time Stop?

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My DM has removed heavy armour from the game. How can I make a Paladin work or convince him not to do this?