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39 votes

Should the players accept the point of view of the GM about alignments or the other way around?

31 votes

Is the additional movement granted by the Mobile feat also halved when a character stands from prone?

29 votes

If you choose to roll for starting gold for your class, do you get starting equipment from your background as well?

27 votes

If I give max-level player characters a 1-level multiclass dip, will it cause any major problems?

22 votes

Does breaking a magic item render it useless?

19 votes

What damage type vulnerability makes sense for disease-based Zombies rather than being undead?

16 votes

Power adjustments needed for D&D 5E characters facing Pathfinder NPCs?

14 votes

Does a Feral Tiefling's Vicious Mockery damage go up as normal?

13 votes

Do either Speak with Animals or Awakened Mind let me use Command on animals?

11 votes

I want my players to face clones of themselves as a Boss. How do I run them without making it too hard or going easy on them?

7 votes

Would it be unbalanced to allow a ranger to take multiple archetypes as if multiclassing?

6 votes

Can the use of Medicine help heal Drain?

6 votes

How do I keep lie-detection skills from ruining my game?

5 votes

Movement of Maximilian's Earthen Grasp

4 votes

Cleric Domain Granted Powers

4 votes

If all PCs are sworn swords should I set everyone's status or allow them to roll?

3 votes

Using a ranged weapon with the Ammunition property for a melee attack

3 votes

Does using the Speak with Animals spell with the ghostwise halfling's Silent Speech trait allow speaking telepathically to animals?

2 votes

To maximize a combo with True Strike, which is the most damaging spell with attack roll?

-1 votes

Do reflex saves for half damage also halve potential bonus damage?

-2 votes

Is Dominate Person's telepathic link one-way or two-way?