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44 votes

What reason would there be for a ruler to forgo having himself resurrected?

34 votes

How do I design exciting, fun boss fights for my players?

32 votes

Abuse: Is it fair if it's in-game?

29 votes

Using a Time-Skip as a Plot Device

26 votes

How do I handle lengthy (days+) actions without slowing the game

20 votes

Betrayed by my GM; how can I respond?

20 votes

What actions should I avoid when joining a new group?

17 votes

How can I establish a permanent travel route between two planes?

15 votes

GMing a setting when your players are more familiar with it than you

12 votes

Adding comic relief

11 votes

Creating truly alien, intelligent NPC races

8 votes

Options for leveraging non-lethal damage

6 votes

Introducing an unorthodox setting the players know NOTHING about

3 votes

What is a sci-fi system that would feel familiar to reluctant Pathfinder players?

2 votes

Using Boardgames or Card Games to improve GMing or Playing