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33 votes

How to stop a player from looking up monster stat blocks in combat?

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Herbalism Kit: Identify Poison (Potion?) - XGE Typo?

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When do monsters not have average hp?

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How can a crafty mid level wizard best protect and trap their lair?

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Can an Intellect Devourer in its new body continue to gain levels? (D&D 5e)

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5e Spell to dispose of corpses

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How do I keep a party together when they have conflicting goals?

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I have a suddenly small party and I was running a longer campaign, how do I handle this without giving up the campaign?

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Can the darkness created by Summon Fey (Tricksy) be illuminated?

-1 votes

How can I make players still feel rewarded after looting a dragon hoard?

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How can I ease a player into a table when they expect a hierarchical GM-player structure, and find none?