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29 votes

Mathematically, is a +2 bonus to AC better than attackers having disadvantage?

21 votes

Do you roll an extra damage die for Hex if you crit with one beam of Eldritch Blast?

17 votes

Why would I ever choose rolling hit points?

9 votes

What’s the duration of Prestidigitation effects that don’t specify?

9 votes

How many spells can a bard have at level 3?

7 votes

Looking for non-overpowered spell-like effects on a weapon instead of +1 weapon

5 votes

Encounters to let a deaf character shine/stumble?

4 votes

How to design a boss fight for a large group without tons of minions?

2 votes

Is a creature in the area of a Wall of Water spell trapped in ice when hit by the Ray of Frost cantrip?

1 vote

As a level 4 halfling hexblade pact of the blade warlock, what are my options for high damage per round?

0 votes

How do I calculate the chance to hit a given AC?

0 votes

Do auras require line of effect?