Bach degree in Computer Science, hey look, I'm a 'scientist' says so in my degree!

Just starting out in the field after graduation in '17, I love money.

First got into DnD via Baldur's gate 2 in 2000. Actually think I pirated it back then, but don't worry I've actually bought legit copies a couple of times since then!

Few rando table top sessions of DnD from time to time after that, but first legitimate long term experience came via the Dungeons and Dragons Encounters for the 4th Edition Dark Sun setting in 2010.

Been DM'ing DND games since 2011. Happy to see 4th go away, love 5th.

Have been accused of making pacts with Satan because of my dice rolls.

4e Campaigns I've run: Against the Giants (4 part campaign adventures from Dragon mag), Homebrew DarkSun (used a lot of Dragon mag 1 shots to build it), Homebrew Underdark campaign (fell apart as 5e neared and because school left me no time to run/create it any more)

5e Campaigns I've run: Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Rise of Tiamat, Princes of the Apocalypse (abandoned, due to school), Curse of Strahd, The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan (from Tales from the Yawning Portal), Tomb of Annihilation (in progress)

Favorite: Curse of Strahd -- by leaps and vampiric bounds, one of the best settings and campaigns from 5e. Wouldn't recommend it to first time DM's. Wet your whistle with stuff from the Yawning Portal honestly.

My favorite DM rule: Never say "no", when players ask "Can I..." Don't stifle their imagination. Always say "Yes" and then mutter under your breath "but..."

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