DnD 5E Sandbox style DM.

Favourite house rules:

  1. All farts are in character.
  2. If your character inadvertently makes a cultural reference from the real world, we roll percentile to establish if it exists, and the degree of fidelity of the adaptation in the setting. So-called Culture rolls have us the famed performer Juan Cash and his first mate Sue (after a player whistled the tune to Ring of Fire), and an esoteric play called "The Many Onions of Existence" that loosely resembles the high-level concepts in the film Inception... loosely.

The Rule of Fun is a good starting point, but the how and the why needs to pass at least a certain plausibility factor. Convince me it's Fun and plausible, we're onto a winner.

I don't like Bards. Wizards, Talking Dragons, Gribbly Illithids… these things I can gel with, but bardic magic is just silly!

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