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18 votes

What is a generally polite and succinct response to player requests for mechanical changes?

17 votes

If I run a game of Paranoia, will knowing the rules lead to a worse experience if/when I participate as a player in the future?

15 votes

What should I do (If anything) to prevent my players from rushing to the end of the Lost Mine of Phandelver campaign?

13 votes

How do we feed a character whose mouth is magically sewn shut?

10 votes

Can a Polymorphed Ape climb a tree?

5 votes

In a "supernatural" world, how can I lead players to choose to NOT be supernatural?

4 votes

How do I clearly foreshadow a potential out-of-combat death?

3 votes

I think my DM is consistently faking dice rolls for saves against a specific spell; how do I call my DM out?

3 votes

Is there a way for an arcane caster to learn Produce Flame?

2 votes

How can I play a serial killer in a party of good PCs?

2 votes

How might this undead player character type unbalance combat?

1 vote

What justification could there be for a PC learning thieves' cant when multiclassing Rogue?

1 vote

How to add more combat into an investigation-heavy campaign?

1 vote

For the Catapult spell, is a 1/2-pound container holding 3 pounds of materials considered a valid target?