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May the Nail fall on Khaenri'ah.

Long ago in the land of Sumeru...

Misguided in their thirst for power and unhappy with their Archon, a group of Sages guided by Azar sough a way to create a new God.

To do so, they sough to harvest new knowledge from the dreams of the population, causing them great harm and binding them in an hallucination, a neverending samsara of repeated days.
They trapped the Archon of Wisdom in her shrine and chained her, unable to act, unable to prevent what they were doing. In the end the Archon could only watch as they corrupted the very meaning of Knowledge until she too was forced to enter a self imposed slumber so that her powers could not be misused for their schemes.

That is the past now. Some golden haired Traveler once again changed what was fated. Now free, the Archon banished Azar and the other traitors to the forest. She shut down the Akasha terminals so that people would rediscover the true meaning of Knowledge, not something given by a tool but something earned thru study and dedication. Since then that small Archon has shown Sumeru that she actually already was a great Archon.

It is said that every time the story of the world is changed in Irminsul someone will make up a fairy tale to remember what the Principles tried to erase. We, the Fourth Descender, once again will sing those tales so that they are remembered

For we are Memory of the True Sky.

"World... remember Her"

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