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30 votes

What happens if you are holding an Iron Flask with a demon inside and walk into an Antimagic Field?

9 votes

Can my sorcerer use a spellbook only to collect spells and scribe scrolls, not cast?

8 votes

How can I, as DM, deal with an attention-grabbing player, and a group who can't speak up?

5 votes

How can I encourage PCs to come back to Home Base when their quests are far from home?

3 votes

Initiative: Do I lose my attack/action if my target moves or dies before my turn in combat?

2 votes

Spell combat in confined spaces, are there penalties?

1 vote

How can a party without cleric get access to hundreds of flasks of unholy water?

0 votes

Time Distorted Areas?

-3 votes

Is this combination of Quivering Palm and Haste RAW?

-4 votes

Does the time required to copy a spell into a spellbook have to be consecutive, or is that just the cumulative time required?