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I am a MD/PhD molecular neurobiologist, clinically trained in psychiatry and neuropsychopharmacology. My research interests were in the serotonin system and its interactions with stress related neuropeptides, using combined conditional gene knockout mice and viral gene transfer. My undergraduate degree is in biochemistry where I worked in a yeast molecular biology lab that studied the Ras oncogene signal transduction pathway. I have a wide ranging interest in a variety of physical sciences, and make both practical and artistic items from metal, elastomers, wood, plastics, and electronics.

The moniker Dr. Radium comes from an obscure indie comic from the mid/late 1980s that I liked back when I was in (mumble, mumble) school. Written and illustrated by Scott Saavedra and published by Slave Labor Graphics, It's Science with Dr. Radium was the story of "the last scientist in the 'perfect' world of tomorrow. Ignored by society and feared by his assistant."

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