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23 votes

As a DM, how can I handle my Druid spying on everything with Wild shape as a spider?

19 votes

How to tell a statue from a petrified creature in 5e?

15 votes

Player has trouble imagining the ingame situation

9 votes

Is it ok to lie to players rolling an insight?

7 votes

How should I prevent a player from instantly recognizing a magical impostor without making them feel cheated?

6 votes

Is a grappling character considered to be distracted for the purposes of an attack by a second opponent?

6 votes

In a low-combat campaign, most PC abilities seem useless; what few fights there are barely use up resources. How do I deal with this as the DM?

5 votes

House Rule - Upcasting Enlarge / Reduce to extend duration

4 votes

How can we quickly familiarize ourselves with the Forgotten Realms?

4 votes

How do I deal with a player wanting to do an activity that takes weeks when the party doesn't want to?

3 votes

How to keep specific players interested in an 8 person party?

2 votes

What are easy ways to familiarise yourself with the D&D world/universe?

-2 votes

Do named actions in monster statblocks use the Attack action?