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39 votes

How do I handle when my players overestimate the importance of an encounter/a location?

32 votes

How do we gently ask a frustrating player to leave our game?

27 votes

How do I engage someone who is playing his character poorly?

15 votes

How to answer to someone saying D&D is stupid?

12 votes

Can a character wear both chain mail and leather armor to get a higher AC?

11 votes

How can I handle a player who seems to utilize skills their characters don't have?

11 votes

What possibilities exist to turn into beasts, while maintaining personality and mental abilities?

9 votes

Can an ally use your Shadow Blade without it dissipating?

8 votes

I'm not good at DMing, but I don't think they really care... do I quit?

7 votes

Does the material component of Booming blade need to be the same one used in the attack?

6 votes

When a ranged attack deals multiple damage types, can I choose what damage type my Sharpshooter bonus gives?

4 votes

How do I DM for this group when we can't handle a large group properly, but also can't count on any smaller group all attending?

3 votes

Preparing for so many quests on Dragon of Icespire peak

2 votes

What spell, magic item, racial, or class ability will give you the most temporary HP?

2 votes

What is the highest average charisma skill check a solo character can get, without directly using magic?

1 vote

How do you play D&D without dice?

1 vote

If a warlock with the Repelling Blast invocation casts Eldritch Blast, is the 2nd attack resolved before or after the target is pushed by the 1st hit?

-3 votes

How to handle wrong application of Spells?