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35 votes

Why are ball bearings so common in the Forgotten Realms?

20 votes

What is the point of the Battle Smith artificer's Steel Defender having the Vigilant trait?

6 votes

Can you temporarily extinguish a non-magical light source to conserve it?

5 votes

Creating a low level ability to "talk" to other party members while in wildshaped form as druid

4 votes

How to manage players who stay in the gamemaster mindset when they are players, not GMs?

3 votes

How to deal with incredibly rich PCs messing with combat balance

2 votes

How long is the D&D Starter Set campaign?

1 vote

Can you pick up an item on the ground without a free hand?

1 vote

Techniques for hiding dice rolls when an NPC/enemy has advantage/disadvantage

1 vote

Are there any rules for digging out of a grave?

0 votes

How can I plan a TPK finale that doesn't look planned?

-3 votes

How much information should the defender have when deciding whether or not to cast Shield?