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37 votes

Are Earthdawn's dice mechanics as unfair and wonky as my player claims?

13 votes

Does an attack with Psionic Weapon Feat inflict extra damage to undead?

10 votes

What alternatives are there to replace orcs, kobolds, and hobgoblins in low-level encounters?

8 votes

Simulating physical combat in-Matrix?

7 votes

How do you get your players to realise roleplaying isn't a videogame?

6 votes

Games that have only fictional reward cycles

4 votes

Calculating and balancing challenge ratings

3 votes

Which RPGs primarily reward roleplaying your character?

3 votes

Two-handed weapons for Trolls

1 vote

Any sites or periodicals dedicated to campaign ideas/concepts?

0 votes

What online collaborative communication tools have the most components for roleplaying away from the table?

0 votes

Is saying "Your PC wouldn't do that" to a player denying their agency?