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0 votes

How can I quickly adjust encounters for variable party sizes?

0 votes

Does exploration movement rate in Basic D&D (B/X) include trap/secret-door detection?

0 votes

What do I do with a party that is much stronger than their level?

5 votes

Magic weapons being given to NPCs because I am immune to nonmagical weapon attacks

0 votes

Should players know other creatures' HP? How do you deal with players not knowing the opponent's HP if not?

10 votes

Should I be able to use the Gloom Stalker ranger's Dread Ambusher class feature when attacking before initiative has been rolled to add a d8 damage?

5 votes

Am I required to clear the use of class, race, or sub-race found in sources outside of the PHB with my DM?

1 vote

When should I fudge dice rolls?

7 votes

Which skill should be used for secret doors or traps: Perception or Investigation?

2 votes

How do I know when to have a PC use perception versus investigation?

5 votes

Is "Unearthed Arcana: Players Make All Rolls" Correct?

9 votes

Does D&D 5e have a rule for character knowledge about monsters?

3 votes

How to make GURPS combat fast?