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22 votes

How can we streamline a game with seven players in DnD 5e?

20 votes

Double Rings of Amity

19 votes

Does an age of an elf equal that of a human?

18 votes

I have two players that enjoy each other's company to the point they're ignoring other players turns, ideas, and RP in general

11 votes

What CR should my party of 9 be facing at level 16?

9 votes

What would happen if characters gained resistance to spells proportional to their martial level?

9 votes

Review a mechanic for allowing weaker Spell Scrolls even if not on class spell list

7 votes

Is it possible for a single system to handle a huge range of different power levels?

6 votes

What class abilities does a character earn after reaching top level in the Evangelist class?

5 votes

Is there a grand scheme at work for buying worship?

4 votes

Do you provoke an AoO when you evoke a beam with the spell Sunbeam?

3 votes

Can a lvl 20 CoC Bard waive the spell cost to cast and sustain the spell, Imprisonment, for six hours?

1 vote

Is spell switch on the go homebrew OP?

1 vote

Is this "Rebound Energy" Arcane Tradition homebrew feature balanced?

1 vote

Is Gloom Stalker overpowered?

0 votes

Is this Exploration homerule balanced?