Dacey Rose

I've been playing Dungeons & Dragons since approximately 1997/98. I started with a Dungeons and Dragons Basic set (Red Box, I think). I've also been DMing games off and on since I started playing.

Dungeons & Dragons, and later, many other tabletop RPG, have had a rather large impact on my life. I have become an avid world-builder, digital artist, writer, miniature painter and terrain builder. Most importantly, I found the love of my life thanks to roleplaying games. If that sounds a little cheesy, so be it. It’s true!

I am now the stay-at-home mother of one delightful, rambunctious toddler (who already expresses an interest in roleplaying). I spend my time making jewelry and other crafts, designing houserules and system hacks, and creating my own roleplaying system with my husband. I enjoy various other hobbies, feel free to pry.

As for my roleplaying style, I’m all over the place. I’ll attempt to play any type of character (in terms of race, class, and backstory), though I lean towards scholarly and/or sexually charged characters. I am a very open person when it comes to sexuality, and very much a supporter of it being a natural part of life, and nothing to be ashamed of. This often get’s reflected in my characters.

I tend towards dramatic back stories, usually involved some kind of tragedy, torture, or similar angst. Even if it’s a tad over-done to have those sorts of backstories, they make for interesting games. I have plans for an overly normal, decent life character in the near future, just to force myself out of this habit.

As a DM, I enjoy toying psychologically with my players. Once I get a feel for their limits, I throw strange, evil villain at them, in an attempt to force their characters to question their motives, world-views, and even alignments. I don’t like running overly nice game. Evil is always a real, vile threat in my worlds, even if the players don’t realize it right away. I also enjoy incorporating forms of insanity and derangement, and tossing rules out the window when it suits the mood.

I almost always incorporate houserules, and build my own world. It’s an addiction.

AKA: KiwiRose, DaceyRose, Dacey the Dame, Errutak, Game Matriarch

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