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As a player, how to engage new players more?

My friends and I have started a 5e campaign. I'm one of the players, and aside from the DM, have by far the most tabletop RPG experience. One of my friends, Bertha, who also has some RPG experience and a lot of improv experience, is also playing. During our first two sessions, which were just a practice scenario to get the other players up to speed, Bertha and I found that we were unfortunately taking up a lot of the roleplaying time: if I had timed it, between the two of us, we probably talked more than the DM and the other players combined. This is partly because I'm so used to other players actively working to roleplay that my instinct is to take up as much unused 'space' as possible: if there's a silence, I try to fill it.

I want to get the other new players to be willing to push back more against that, but when I tried just being quiet, I felt a lot of awkward silences where no one was stepping up to do anything. What can I do as a player to encourage the other players to participate more, roleplay more, and get into their character's heads more? I want to have fun, but I want everyone else to have fun, too, and while this site has a lot of advice for DMs trying to engage their players, there's less for players. Help!