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How do I calculate encounter difficulty for PCs with allied monsters? [duplicate]

I'm currently running a mega dungeon in 5e D&D, and my players have recruited some monsters into their service. I have been building encounters using the dungeon masters guide rules (pg. 81-84), ...
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Adding monsters to party. How to balance challenge rating. [duplicate]

So a party of 4 level 4 PC's got an earth elemental. Personally I use Kobold Fight Club to manage my PC's encounters. Although I don't this elemental to make the game no longer balanced when fighting ...
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What are other rules for combined effort skill checks when cumulative effort matters?

According to the question Determining "level" of an NPC ally for purpose of budgeting encounter XP when one character helps another they can use the “help” action to confer Advantage on the ...
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If I design a PC for use as an NPC, how much XP should he give when killed?

As part of an early quest, my PCs are likely to face off against a wizard. The problem here is that the stat block for Mage NPCs listed in the Basic Rules has a Challenge Rating of 6, while the PCs ...
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Do I include animal companions when calculating difficulty of an encounter?

I have a player who is playing a beast master ranger and I was wondering: do I calculate the level of the animal companion when making encounters?
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Can you just subtract the challenge rating of friendly NPCs?

The party have bitten off more than they can chew and the DM wants to help them out to avoid a likely TPK by adding a friendly NPC to an encounter. Can they get a good sense of how difficult the ...
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How is PC experience calculated when higher level CR allies help in Adventurers League?

The recent adventure Tomb of Annihilation released by WotC includes allies that can join the party. As an open-world adventure spanning multiple PC levels and Tiers, PCs could potentially gain allies ...
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Is there a way to convert a player character to a CR rating for the purpose of calculating combat difficulty? [duplicate]

I suspect my question really is, "can I calculate the CR rating for a player character generated via the PHB rules for the purposes of determining combat/encounter difficulty for a party?" A follow ...
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Calculating the XP threshold for a party with "monster" companions

Suppose that a member of an adventuring party has a companion. I can think of the following broad categories ... Something that came with his/her class (familiar, beastmaster companion) Part of a ...
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How does my character's awakened mount and 2 awakened companions affect what CR the party can handle?

So some things happened and now I have 3 awaken scrolls. The rules say I don't have to use material components so I can just use them. I also switch with the dm occasionally and run it myself. How ...
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