My group and I enjoy having a ton of options when it comes to D&D 5e, be it new (sub)races, new (sub)classes, new feats, or other additional addons/features/variants. It is easy to determine which products WotC officially released. But we don't restrict ourselves to those. We also resort to more "experimental" sources (e.g. Unearthed Arcanas), as long as we know that WotC supports or endorses the product/author.

For example, everybody can put a product on dmsguild, even if it is bad or not (really) in line with the principles of D&D. But there are also some (ten?) special authors, called Guild Adepts, that were announced by WotC. My group and I assume, that the content these people create is therefore “approved” by WotC. It’s not quite an Unearthed Arcana, but similar enough. (Especially, Xanathar’s Lost Notes to Everything Else is really good).

Another example would be the content of Matt Mercer. Although his Blood Hunter Class is not listed under “official” on DnDBeyond, it’s neither listed under “homebrew”. It has it’s own little category called “additional”. So, we decided that Mercer’s stuff is obviously not on par with products officially released by WotC, but similar to the content produced by Guild Adepts.

I’m always looking for more D&D 5e content. So my question is:

Are there any 3rd party products for D&D 5e endorsed by WotC?

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    Could you elaborate slightly on what you mean by 'endorsed'? What would count as an 'endorsement' for your purposes? – Tiggerous Sep 14 at 10:45
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    Hmm, hard to define, I guess. Those Guild Adepts were officially announced by WotC and their content is promoted on dmsguild. Mercer's content is featured in a non-homebrew section of DndBeyond. All of those authors are recognized by WotC and their content is kinda approved. I think the question would be: Are there any other sources that are accepted by WotC as “good”? – hohenheim Sep 14 at 10:51
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    I'm removing the homebrew tag from this since this question is about published material which is not what the tag is about. Specifically, homebrew is not a tag that means "3rd party". See this Meta for more discussion on this. – Rubiksmoose Sep 14 at 12:50
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    So, basically you are asking: is there any 3rd party content that WotC has designated as high quality content on par with official material? It that correct? – Rubiksmoose Sep 14 at 13:03
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    This is either unclear or off-topic(shopping). – Szega Sep 14 at 13:36

You've Covered It Already.

Your question can be restated: "Is there any 3rd party content that Wizards of the Coast secretly loves and wants people to use, but (nearly) no one has heard of it?"

WotC has been, and continues to be, wildly enthusiastic about promoting a vast range of third parties who endorse D&D 5E, probably more so than any previous edition.

Given the great commercial success of 5E, there is no reason to imagine WotC's communications team was incompetent and let something good fall through the cracks. If WotC likes a 5E product, then they are not shy about saying so, and people have heard it. Your question description contains all of the "unofficially official" content.

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