In reading through and preparing to run Waterdeep: Dragon Heist (looking at Xanathar, Spring variation) I was wondering about mechanisms/methods of gaining entrance to the Cellar Complex (the section starting on p. 83 of the adventure). I think I'm missing something simple.

The Spring subsection (p. 85) states that

you come down via the wig shop into B1; there is a walkway on B2, but no walkway on B3, plus the sewage is 3 ft deep.

Is the expectation that

PCs will wade through the sewage from B2 to B4 via B3,

or is there some other expected/standard method PCs would likely take?

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You've read the map and notes right.

As you say...

The tunnel that branches towards B3 does not have a walkway. If you want to go that way, the sewage is 3' deep.

Your players may choose to just go for it. It's gross, but...

Not actually harmful unless they are in the sewage for a full minute.

Of course, your players may get creative and try to work out other ways to navigate the passage. Just to give a few examples based on stuff my players have pulled in the past... (Note: these will have to be adjudicated by you as to whether or not they will be feasible, since the campaign doesn't cover them)

"How rough are the walls? Can I climb horizontally across the wall to avoid going into the sewage?"
"I want to cobble together some basic stilts to walk through the sewage without going in."
"I bet the city workers have a way to get around here...like a very-narrow-raft. Let's see if we can borrow one!"

And so on.

So, yes...you have a correct understanding of how the space is laid out. So leave it up to your players to figure out how to traverse the space.

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