I am working on a (somewhat) functional version of the classic Bard/Barbarian hybrid. The lynchpin is using Rage Casting (Dragon #310), which requires casting to be a free action, citing Quicken Spell (PHB) as a potential option. To do this I'm using Metamagic Song (RoS) to power a quickened spell and using Rapid Metamagic (CM) to make this acceptable for spontaneous spellcasting, and other means of reducing metamagic cost in order make it cost less. Consequently, I need to have as many uses of Bardic Music per day.

What are all the sources of extra uses of bardic music? Ideally I would like it to be at least 60-70.

Character is a Bard 5/Barbarian 5/Bard 10, he will have the expected gp of a 20th level character, flaws are allowed, and feats can be used but are a premium due to the need to take the 4 feats listed above. Sources are official only, including Dragon Magazine.

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Race - Firre Eladrin is the most efficient race for getting bardic musics, as it gives you unlimited bardic musics per day. Unfortunately, it has a +10 LA, so it's probably not a realistic choice.

Aside from that, any race that gives a bonus feat (Human, Silverbrow Human, Strongheart Halfling) is the next best choice for maximizing bardic musics per day, as you can use the feat to get 4 additional musics. No other races give benefits to the bardic music count.

Feats - Extra Music (complete adventurer) gives 4 extra musics per day, and you can take it multiple times. It is the most efficient feat for getting more bardic musics. Artist (PGtF) grants 3 extra musics. There are no other feats which grant extra musics per day.

Skills - There is no way to use skill points to get extra bardic musics.

Gold/Items - The Songblade from complete adventurer is the only item in the 3.5e books which gives additional bardic musics. Based on the magic item creation rules, the cost for the extra music per day is either 3680, or if you view this item as slotless, 1840. You'd have to ask your DM what rules they'd like to use for stacking multiple versions of this enchantment on one item. They might rule you can use the 1.5 multiplier for additional effects, or they might rule that the cost grows quadratically like it does for skill points and ability score buffs. In either case, you can get a lot of bardic musics by dumping gold into a custom-made "Ring of Song" or the like.

in the 3.0 books, there is also the Joyous Star Song (Magic of Faerun p161) which costs 5800gp, which (I think) is a single-time use item that will permanently modify your character to give him an additional bardic music per day.

Class Features - Levels in bard (or one of the numerous bardic prestige classes) are the only class features which give bardic musics. There are no alternative bard class features which grant additional musics. There is no way to get more than one music per character level via class features.

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