If I take a feat that gives me a certain origin but I already have a specific racial origin, do they stack or is my racial origin replaced?

Consider this example. Calistar the Eladrin is a fey creature, but he wants to take the Haunting Shade feat.

Haunting Shade

Your origin changes to shadow if it isn't already, so you are considered a shadow creature for all effects related to creature origin.

Is he a shadow creature, or both shadow and fey?


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Yes, Calistar now has an Origin of Shadow.

The Rules Compendium p60 defines origin. It doesn't say it explicitly, but the implication is that creatures normally only have one origin, much like they have one level, one race.

The flavor text in Dragon Magazine #387 also strongly favors this interpretation, it says that to take this feat a character needs to give up his soul.


I would interpret that specific case as "Your origin changes to shadow..." He is a shadow creature, and no longer a fey.

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