When he's been rescued, Sildar asks the party to investigate

Tresendar Manor because he has learned that his colleague Iarno Albrek disappeared while exploring the area about two months ago.

Sildar himself might go with the party (it was his friend and his primary mission, after all). Unfortunately, the LMoP book says nothing (or I didn't find it) about what happens if

Sildar meets Glasstaff in his quarters and recognizes him as Iarno Albrek. Will he recognize him at a glance? Will Iarno recognize Sildar? How should both react?


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Its entirely up to you

If you had written the adventure yourself this is something you may have decided when you wrote it, or it may be something you think about as the characters develop in playing, or a bit of both.

Personally, as there is no indication that Glassstaff has changed his appearance, there would be no reason that Sildar would not recognise him. Your role as DM is to play both NPCs reactions in accordance with your take on their personalities.

By the way, this is not something you can be wrong about.


Since the Lost Mines of Phandelver book does not specify this, it is your decision to make.

If Sildar recognizes Iarno it would most likely lead to more roleplay with diplomacy than fighting, as Sildar would probably want to ask questions as to why Iarno left and based off of Iarno's personality I think he would want to respond.

That aside, I would reccomend Sildar recognizing this person because

not having Sildar recognize Iarno will break immersion somewhat as it would seem a bit absurd that Sildar wouldn't recognize the man he was looking for when seeing him face-to-face.


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