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For questions related to running demonstration games of RPGs.

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Running an RPG with fast Drop-In-Drop-Out capability for an open day

Our university will have some Open Days for prospective students over summer, and our gaming society wants to present itself. Any somewhat traditional way of playing an RPG will take too much of ...
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What demo scenarios exist for Burning Wheel? [closed]

While there are a fair number of demos here for burning wheel, the wiki is quite light on details. I would like feedback on useful demo scenarios to run for Burning Wheel and why they are useful. ...
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2 votes
2 answers

I'm running a demo Esoterrorists game later this week; what resources do I need to prepare?

This weekend, I'm running my first game (and a demo) of Esoterrorists. What resources do I need in order to prepare? Potential resources include: A really effective demo scenario that is engaging ...
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