Garnet is a red dragon that lived in Cormanthor circa 600DR, and is well known for being

Probably the only lawful good red dragon in the realms, and the key to release of the ancient Yugoloth imprisoned in Myth Drannor.

I know the sourcebook "Fall of Myth Drannor" has info on him during the Weeping War, but what happened to him after the weeping war?

If it is detailed in published works, please include references.

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There is no answer

There simply isn't an answer in the lore, it's a mystery...

Hammer 12 " Both Garnet and Sylvall disappeared without a trace, nor were they heard from throughout the rest of the Weeping War. While Garnet's fate has never been uncovered, Sylvall's remains were discovered 219 years later in the Galena Mountains east of Ironfang Keep, his death apparently caused by the claws of a great wyrm." -Ruins of Adventure

https://ruins-of-adventure.obsidianportal.com/wikis/weeping-war http://dalelandsbeyond.forumotion.com/t20726-the-weeping-war

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