I'm about to start running a West Marches campaign and I am struggling with a way to build up a map that I can use. Here are my thoughts so far:

  1. Create a DM only Hex based map that shows terrain and any key points in 25km squares
  2. Do not provide this map to the players, but provide them all with rumours/soem information
  3. When players decide where they want to go ask them to provide the following:

    • A direction of travel
    • Where they are aiming to go i.e. We heard rumours of a dungeon 5 days due west and we want to go exploring for that
  4. Roll on a random table (thinking 5-10% hti rate) on having an encounter within every 25kms to the "hex" That they are travelling to.

My thoughts are that by doing this I will have a fairly structured world, at least in terms of terrain and setting, and give the players ample chance to explore the world with random encounters that may make it more difficult to achieve the goal they were aiming towards but whilst still getting their D&D Fix.

My Question is as follows:

  1. What have you as a DM used when running a West Marches campaign and
  2. How did it run/what concessions did you have to make from your original plan.
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