The feat deadly chill from Libris Mortis (p.25) reads:

Each corporeal undead you raise or create with any necromancy spell deals an extra 1d6 points of cold damage with its natural weapons.

Would a skeleton with 2 claw and 1 bite attack thus deal an extra 1d6 on each attack? (Claw x2 and Bite x1) for a total of 3 extra d6 of cold damage, or does this only apply to one attack?


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All of 'em!

Libris Mortis contains no further information on the feat Deadly Chill (25–6), but the feat's benefit does not say, for example, "The corporeal undead creature's creator picks one of the undead creature's natural weapons, and that natural weapon deals this extra +1d6 points of cold damage," or anything like that, so this DM would have each natural attacks of an appropriate undead creature deal that extra +1d6 points of cold damage.


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