Do Soulbolts with ability Emulate Range Weapon need to reload the emulated weapon?

Emulate Ranged Weapon

The soulknife can form her mind bolt to replicate any single ranged weapon (except firearms), chosen at the time she takes this blade skill. The soulknife is proficient with her mind bolt in this form and it functions in all ways as the chosen weapon. This blade skill may be taken multiple times; each time, it allows the soulknife to form her mind bolt to replicate a different ranged weapon (except firearms). The soulknife must have the ability to form a mind bolt to select this blade skill.

Does this also mean that I may have to take feats like Rapid Reload and the like to keep up the fight?

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Strictly speaking, this isn't an issue for this character

Dreamscarred Press's soulknife archetype soulbolt has a different repertoire of blade skills than the typical soulknife. Among those available to a typical soulknife and unavailable to the soulbolt is the blade skill emulate ranged weapon. Thus a typical soulbolt never need worry about this.

For a traditional soulknife, it's like the real thing

This GM would require a soulknife that uses the blade skill emulate ranged weapon to emulate a projectile weapon to provide ammunition for that projectile weapon because the emulated ranged weapon "functions in all ways as the chosen weapon," and projectile weapons need ammunition. Further, because the emulated weapon "functions in all ways as the chosen weapon," a soulknife that's wielding a typical emulated light crossbow, for example, must take a move action that provokes attacks of opportunity to reload that emulated weapon before the emulated weapon can be fired again.

However, this GM also assumes that's precisely why the soulknife picked that blade skill: so that the soulknife can both employ the wide variety of ammunition available to the emulated ranged weapons and apply the feats the soulknife possesses that affect that ranged weapon to the emulated range weapon.

(A Reddit thread, a Giant in the Playground forum thread, Paizo messageboard thread, and a Dreamscarred Press forum thread have raised issues about the blade skill emulate ranged weapons, but none of those threads address these issues head on.)

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