I am planning this character out for levels 1-20. We're starting at level one and we are continuing until we're done or dead.

I'm having some trouble deciding on my feats, and spells to maximize damage and healing output.

I understand that warpriest clerics are given armor proficiency to help make creating a 2nd edition battle medic super easy, but I'm trying to balance my character perfectly between doing damage with my deity's weapon and healing my allies. I'm having a lot of trouble judging which trade-offs to take so that I can hit harder while still being a viable healer.

As a character, I've chosen Cleric, Warpriest, Dwarf, Medium Armror, Shelyn, and Glaive.

Right now, my plans for feats are leaning toward Domain initiate with Zeal, communal healing, divine weapon, but the details are starting to get fuzzy. It's all the different numbers floating around that are confusing. I really just want to increase the amount of healing from my spells and the amount of damage from my glaive. What is the best way to balance these two paths?

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