Benefit: When you hit an enemy with a power that dazes the target while you are using a mace, the target also takes a penalty to attack rolls equal to your Constitution modifier for as long as it remains dazed by your attack.

Obviously this works with weapon attacks with a mace, or with implement attacks if you have a way to do it (Ironscar Rod, Unforgettable Cudgel, or Crusader's Weapon for example).

However, what does "use" mean here? If, for example, you are wielding a mace, and hit an enemy with a power that dazes that doesn't have the weapon/implement keyword, are you "using" it? Does "using" require you to be "using" it on that attack?


You hit an enemy with Dragonfear, which does not have a weapon or implement keyword. You are holding a mace. You also have the following feat:

Dragon's Terror. Benefit: One creature you hit with dragonfear is also dazed until the end of your next turn.

Are they Dazed and -2 to hit (from Dragonfear)? Or Dazed, -2 to hit from Dragonfear, and -CON to hit from Dizzying Mace?



Since the power does not have have the weapon or implement keyword it does not qualify as having "used" the mace in this case.

See this answer for the details. I think this particular property is a bit more clear than the Vanguard Weapons, but the same thing applies. You have to actually use the weapon to make a weapon or implement attack for the property to trigger.


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