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How do you handle different difficulties at the same task? [duplicate]

In a game of Dungeon World, how do you handle different difficulties at the same task? A few examples: climbing a wall with easier handholds vs. climbing a smoother wall pushing a heavy cabinet out ...
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How do I respond when a player trivially kills my boss monster?

In The "Smash!" Move we discussed a barbarian move which can (on a good roll) kill any monster. An answer to that question makes it clear that the DM should allow this: They've just ...
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Should I worry about players abusing the Know-It-All move?

I'm concerned about this move of the Wizard: Know-It-All When another player’s character comes to you for advice and you tell them what you think is best, they get +1 forward when ...
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What's the mechanical point of melee weapons' range?

I do understand that it might be important for ranged weapons, as you couldn't throw a dagger as far as shoot an arrow from a bow. However it doesn't seem so important with the melee weapons. I am ...
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How do I explain the lack of situational modifiers in Dungeon World to my players?

How do I explain to players why there are no situational modifiers in Dungeon World? Being used to other RPGs, they would expect modifiers for performing actions in a more challenging circumstance.
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Making harder shots

In Dungeon World, let's say we have two archers in the party, both mechanically the same. It's time for some feats of arrow-work, so the two archers take aim. Alice aims at an ogre who's a fair ...
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How often should monsters act in combat?

I ran my first session of Dungeon World last night and my party of three third-level characters1 absolutely annihilated a troupe of six Hill Giants.2 I know (now) many things I could have done to ...
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How does the Hydra work in Dungeon World?

I'm looking at the description of the Hydra in Dungeon World (pg 248). It states that it has 16 HP and 2 Armor. So if it takes 16 points of damage it's dead. Seems straight forward. However, It then ...
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How can a GM challenge players with high stats?

I've been running Dungeon World games for two years now and from my experience, once a player's dominant combat ability scores reach 18, it becomes very difficult for opponents to put up a fight ...
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How do you deal with Overpowered PCs? [closed]

So i'v been running an Elder-Scrolls themed Dungeon-World game for around 20 ~7 hour sessions now. Over this time, the PCs have leveled up a LOT, and have been deciding to keep their characters and ...
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