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A game of mechanized warfare in the 31st century. Giant robots, tanks, spaceships, the whole nine yards. Comes in tabletop miniatures strategy flavor and tabletop role playing flavor. Switches fairly seamlessly between the two.

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MechWarrior (1st Edition) vs MechWarrior (2nd Edition) Character Stats / Conversion

BattleTech & MechWarrior used to be 'mini combat' & 'rpg' respectively; and have gone through various versions; changing core aspects of the game & how the math works. In MechWarrior, ...
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Are 'Mechs included in A Time of War's core book?

I'm considering buying The latest core book for BattleTech RPG, and from the 7 page preview on DriveThruRPG I can't tell whether there are any mechs given playable stats in the book. Given that from ...
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How do Called/Aimed Shots interact with the optional Hit Locations rules in A Time of War?

Hit Locations (p. 190 AToW) are an optional rule in A Time of War [Mechwarrior 4th Ed RPG] which alter some of the normal combat rules when in place, such as the effects of injury. When a players ...
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What are appropriate XP totals for generating Experienced and Veteran PCs in A Time of War? [Mechwarrior 4th Ed)

When detailing characters either as NPCs or PCs in A Time of War, the new edition of the Mechwarrior RPG, what number of XP would fairly represent the difference between a Green character, an ...
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Any Non-Unit-Payroll Based Merc Contract Mechanism?

FM: Mercs and its predecessors lays out a fine little minigame mechanic for mercenary contract negotiations. I like the bargaining point system, as a concept. Given the level of standardization in ...
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What is the closest RPG analogue to the newest version of the Mechwarrior RPG? [closed]

What is the closest RPG analogue to the newest version of the Mechwarrior RPG? I played the second and third versions of the mechwarrior rpg, but am unfamiliar with the new Classic BattleTech RPG.
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