As a storyteller I want to play my NPCs (or SPCs, in the language of V5) in a way that help my players to know which clan they are. To make that, I use clichés and Compulsion of the clans, but that feels to me like it's the wrong way.

How do I roleplay vampires to make them really representative of their clans?


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Use the culture of the clan

You want to mention things that are part of the clan's culture. Individuals represent groups by showing products or behaviours that make them part of that group. Also, if you're the DM you can define a clan's culture in a certain area. Here's a list of things you can include:

Brujah. Social awareness, resistance to conservative ideas, political literature, pop culture, Che shirts, Palestinian scarfs, wearing the "SJW" label with pride. Brujah are often depicted as idealistic.

Gangrel. Animals, outdoor activities, hunt, domination, action before thought, territoriality, mountain gear, cabin in the woods. Gangrel are often depicted as insular.

Malkavian. Conspiracy theories, psychology, pseudoscience, psychoactive drugs, frequent incidents with authority, meticulous planning, oddities, yelling. Malkavian are often depicted as unpredictable.

Nosferatu. Computers, secrets, pet rats, shady deals, horror films, social exclusion, dark humor, geekyness. Nosferatu are often depicted as pragmatic.

Toreador. Social drugs, clubs, social media, celebrities, big social gatherings, musical instruments, big spending, entourages. Toreador are often depicted as hedonistic.

Tremere. Magic, spells, secrets, cults, pentagrams, new age, Wicca, goth jewelry, dim lighted places, Harry Potter books. Tremere are often depicted as mysterious.

Ventrue. Business, skyscrapers, office work, suits, public persona, attachment to high standing brands, lawyers. Ventrue are often depicted as self-confident.


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