In the Ubiquity RPG system (used for Hollow Earth Expedition and other games), the action “Stand Up” reads:

Falling down is easy; it is getting up that is hard. Your character can fall prone as a reflexive action, but standing up requires him to give up an attack action. Your character can move and defend normally after getting to his feet.

However, I cannot seem to find anywhere what the defence and movement implications of being prone are.

What are the effects on movement and defence (and other effects) of being prone in the Ubiquity system?


There may be prone/crawling rules in other Ubiquity rulebooks, but there aren't any in Hollow Earth Expedition. I use the following house rules for prone/crawling:

  • Going prone is a reflexive action
  • A prone character's Firearms attacks gain a +2 bonus and Melee, Brawl or Archery attacks suffer a -2 penalty
  • A prone character gains a +2 bonus to Defense against incoming ranged attacks and a -2 penalty to Defense against incoming Melee or Brawl attacks
  • Dodging is not possible while prone, but Blocking and Parrying are
  • A prone character gains a +2 bonus to Stealth rolls
  • While prone, a character’s Move rating is halved, rounding down
  • Standing up from prone requires an action or move, so a character may stand up from prone and attack or conduct another regular action, or they may stand up from prone and move a distance up to their Move rating, but not both

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