The Martial Study feat states:

Select any maneuver from the chosen discipline for which you meet the prerequisite. If you have martial adept levels, this maneuver becomes one of your maneuvers known. If you do not have martial adept levels, you can use this maneuver once per encounter as a martial adept with an initiator level equal to 1/2 your character level.

Now, there are very high level maneuvers that simply do not possess any prerequisites, therefore allowing a first level character to select shadow noose/shadow garotte/shadow blink/mountain tombstone strike/.... as his maneuver, as per the first sentence quoted above.

The problem is, I have yet to see a restriction limiting the use of maneuvers to those that match your initiator level -- the only restriction I've seen is the Maneuvers Known table, which limits the maneuvers you can select as a martial adept, and that is obviously a general rule overridden by the specifics of the feat above. Is there anything I missed, or is it really simply this broken?


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Minimum Initiator Level is a prerequisite for learning and using a maneuver

It’s not listed in the statblock for maneuvers, but it’s consistently referred to as a prerequisite (the book is full of phrases like “you must meet all prerequisites for the maneuver, including the minimum initiator level.”) In fact, the Prerequisite definition given on page 44 specifically says


In addition to meeting the class and level requirements before you can learn a maneuver,

(emphasis mine)

Martial Study requires that you meet prerequisites, so that means you must have the minimum initiator level.

Also, you use the maneuver as if you had the initiator level of a martial adept half your level... who couldn’t use a maneuver with a minimum Initiator Level even if he somehow knew it, because prerequisites are required for use as well as learning.

So, final answer: No


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