I have a level 19 character that has 16 levels of Warblade and 3 levels in non-initiator classes. Due to the way initiator levels are determined, I qualify for my first 9th-level maneuver at this level.

My character has three Diamond Mind maneuvers, and I have my eyes on getting Time Stands Still. I need four Diamond Mind maneuvers to get Time Stands Still. I also get a stance this level, so I get Stance of Alacrity - a Diamond Mind stance. Stances count as maneuvers for the purpose of determining pre-reqs. However, I still question if I am eligible to get Time Stands Still from a timing perspective. Taking feats happens in a sequential order. For example, a Fighter can take Cleave as his second level 1 feat if he has taken Power Attack as his first feat. However, gaining maneuvers is a part of a class ability.

So, my question is this: Can I take my stance and maneuver in a certain order and, thus, get Time Stands Still at this level, or does the choosing of the stances and maneuvers happen at the same time? If it is the latter, I suspect the fact that I took a qualifying stance this level won't register on time, thus meaning I will have to wait until next level to get Time Stands Still. Any insight on this matter would be most appreciated.


Yes, you can qualify for time stands still by taking stance of alacrity

The official level-up rules specify a particular stage during level-up for choosing class features, but not the order in which class features are chosen. Thus, the order is up to you. Once you choose stance of alacrity, you know it, and it is a Diamond Mind maneuver, and thus counts towards the prerequisites of time stands still.

Note this is generally far more important for Tiger Claw initiators at 1st level: only wolf fang strike lacks the prerequisite of knowing 1 Tiger Claw maneuver, so if you want more than one maneuver from Tiger Claw at 1st level, you must take wolf fang strike first and then take others (most importantly, sudden leap).

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  • \$\begingroup\$ Can you quote or link the level-up rules? I'm under the impression that "all class features are chosen in the same step" could as well mean they're all chosen at the same time, so one can't be a prereq for a different one. \$\endgroup\$ – Zachiel Jul 11 '14 at 11:21

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