In D&D 4e, it seems you have very few ways to improve your attack modifier.

  • Improve the attribute the attack is based on. This can only be done via level increases.
  • Improve the magic of the weapon.

Are there any other ways to improve my character's chances to hit?


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By design there are very few ways to permanently increase your attack modifier.

Weapon ExpertiseDDI and other related expertise feats is the prime way. Certain Paragon Paths such as KenseiDDI help too.

Other than those limited areas, you need to work with your party to maximise temporary bonuses

  • Combat advantage is the big one
  • Make critters prone (to gain Combat advantage)
  • Lots of powers give temporary bonuses
  • The warlord specializes in letting others attack with considerable bonuses.
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For implement users who take the Superior Implement Training feat in PHB3, there are several superior implement properties (on page 195) that can increase attack bonuses. It requires you to take a feat (Superior Implement Training which lets you use one type of superior implement) and the materials cost (slightly) more than the standard object.

There is the Accurate property, for example, on the Accurate Rod and Accurate Orb:

Accurate: You gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls made with an accurate implement.

For implements users who have a number of powers attacking the same defense (Ref, Will, or Fort), there are also properties like the Undeniable property:

Undeniable: You gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls against Will when attacking with an undeniable implement.

(There is also Unerring for Ref and Unstoppable for Fort.)

These three properties are often paired up with another, as in the superior implement Crystal Orb:

Name          gp   wt  properties
Crystal orb   27   2   Energized (psychic), undeniable 

where Energized(psychic) increases the damage of powers with the psychic keyword.


One way is through the selection of feats which improve your character's attack modifier in limited circumstances. Then, take powers which capitalize or provoke those circumstances regularly. For example, a Fighter with a high Wisdom might combine Blade Opportunist with the Combat Superiority class feature and exploits that add or replace opportunity attacks.

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