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How can I make combat with a lot of summoned creatures quicker?

I currently GM for a level 13 D&D 5e group of 5 players. Recently combat has become heavily bogged down, primarily because the party has discovered their new favourite ('Death by a Thousand Cuts') ...
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Can invisibility be countered by "ramming" the whole room with lots of conjured animals?

We're running Dragon Heist and having a quite dramatic encounter where a very important & powerful villain is trying to escape the sewers with 1 hp left. The villain became invisible as the most ...
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Is the Conjure Woodland Beings spell (to summon pixies) broken?

As a DM I want to be fair and not just never allow a druid the chance of summoning pixies, but it seems so broken. At one point I had four PCs and two NPCs all running about as dinosaurs. I'm hoping ...
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How can you learn to wildshape into a Stench Kow?

In search of the elusive Stench Kow... In Volo's Guide to Monsters there is small appendix allocated to "Assorted Beasts", which includes the Cow and variants: Ox, Rothé and Stench Kow (VGtM,...
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Do animals of the same CR summoned by Conjure Animals have to be the same animal?

Do animals of the same CR summoned by conjure animals have to be the same animal? I had a ranger player of mine ask. I know that the DM chooses which animals are summoned, and that the creatures are ...
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Can a Titanosaurus summoned with the Conjure Fey spell use its legendary actions?

The Monster Manual has a strong restriction on legendary actions with regard to creatures merely assuming the form of a legendary creature: If a creature assumes the form of a legendary creature, ...
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For the Conjure Animals spells, are the summoned fey spirits 'smart' enough to take a form that fits the summoning locale?

Currently I'm running Conjure Animals fairly restrictively. The player says they are casting the spell and designates the locations that they will appear (I then label them, as they are designated)....
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What beasts are likely to appear if the Conjure Animals spell is cast in the Underdark?

If the conjure animals spell is cast in the Underdark, what beasts are likely to appear?
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For the Conjure Fey spell, who chooses the CR, whether it's a beast or fey, and the actual creature - the player, or the DM?

The description of the conjure fey spell says (emphasis mine): You summon a fey creature of challenge rating 6 or lower, or a fey spirit that takes the form of a beast of challenge rating 6 or lower. ...
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Is a druid a better combatant while in wild shape? [closed]

I've been reading up on playing a druid (never played one before), and I keep finding resources that say that druids are arguably the most powerful class in 5e because of their wild shape ability. ...
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