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For questions about tables from which an encounter appropriate to some combination of location, climate, character level, or other features may be selected, usually by rolling dice.

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How are random encounters accounted for when tracking monster count in Keep on the Borderlands?

We are currently playing the original module Keep on the Borderlands. The module has pretty clear instructions about removing any humanoid that is killed in the Caves of Chaos from future encounters: ...
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Gold per encounter with looted equipment

Here's my scenario: CR 1 encounter (fast-paced) party is to receive 400 gold for the encounter. If I use, for example, a troglodyte, equipment is listed as 1 club, and 3 javelins for a total equipment ...
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How to create an encounter deck with a bell-curve distribution?

So I'm running a somewhat sandbox typed game and it relies quite a bit on random encounters for various locales. Because the players are allowed to muck around, there tends to be quite a bit of change ...
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Remembering to add tracks and signs of wandering monsters

When refereeing OSR sandbox game (using whatever rules; key parts are player-driven sandbox play with neutral referee, and rules as negotiable representation of fiction) I use random encounters: ...
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Where are the random encounter tables? [closed]

I am looking for sandbox-y random encounter tables, ala D&D 2e, where you had "Hills," "Mountains," "Jungle," etc. In other words, Challenge Rating should not be considered, but rarity of ...
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How often should I be meeting monsters?

It looks like there are 3 conflicting stories in AD&D 2nd Edition about the meaning of the monster frequencies, common, uncommon, rare and very rare. I'm curious if I'm misunderstanding or, if not,...
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Where are the giant lizards in this chapter of Hoard of the Dragon Queen?

Hoard of the Dragon Queen indicates that there are giant lizards The table in question contains: but no giant lizards. I skimmed the chapter a few times and couldn't find anything more on it. So, ...
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Does anyone have random encounter tables for 4th edition D&D? [closed]

One of the big things missing from 4e for my style of play is a good set of random encounter tables. Has anyone worked up a set of tables like you find in 1e (i.e., covers a variety of dungeon levels ...
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What are some interesting ways to structure a random encounter table? [closed]

The standard tables I've seen have been basic 'Wandering Monster' tables where you roll some dice in order to generate a random encounter. I'm sure many have taken this concept further, but I haven't ...
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Where can I find desert random encounter tables? [closed]

The players in my Greyhawk campaign are about to enter the Bright Desert, and I'd like to use some desert-specific random encounter tables — does anyone have anything suitable? Edition is irrelevant, ...
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